RIBA Enterprises

RIBA Enterprises is the knowledge management business of the RIBA that supports the construction industry by developing and delivering expert knowledge, specialist software and services.

RIBA Enterprises

The problems

Our existing website was outdated, not only was it not representative of our company but it also was difficult to navigate around. We were finding that our bounce rate was high and when recruiting staff this website was where we sent them first so it was important that we made not only a good impression so that they would be interested in working with us but also so that they had a good understanding on who we are, what we do, what its like working for us and any benefits we offered. This was also a place for existing and new customers so it was important for them to also know who we are and what we do as well as any next steps for them to find out more about our products and services that they we could offer them.

My role

As part of this project I was responsible for designing the entire user interface, as a full-stack designer this included the production of wireframes, high level mock-ups, site development as well as presenting and explaining designs to directors, managers and other colleagues.

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