NBS Chorus

A collaborative specification platform that makes it easier to work together as a team no matter where you are in the world, minimising the risk on complex projects by being able to work together in the same online space, at the same time.


The problems

One of the problems our users were having when it came to working on a specification project was that there were barrier to being able to collaborate together, a lot of times when they were working on a large project they would have a limited amount of time to get the specification complete which meant that they would throw a lot of people on it at the same time, which caused many problems. There were also a lack of connection between the specification that they are working on and the rest of the project, this had an impact on their specifications and modals being constantly out of sync with each other as each individual teams worked seperatly in different products. All of the current specification writing products were windows desktop based softwares which meants that is wasnt easy to gain Mac based customers without them having to do additional work, as well as this updates weren't automatic within the current products so the user was required to download them each time, this caused issues especially within companies where there are business systems restrictions causing multiple teams being unable to continue work while the updates where being made.

User session

My role

As part of this project I've been working as the Lead designer. At the start of the project I was involved in the user workshops and the proof of concept stage where I produced initial user journeys and wireframes to explore ideas. At NBS we currently have a suite of specification products already so I took the time to gather the pain points from our existing external and internal customers to explore where we could improve and make our users lives easier and more productive.

After the proof of concept stage I've been responsible for concepting aspects of the user interface, participating in user sessions to validatate designs. Working on user journeys, wireframes, walkthroughs, interactive prototypes (Invision/ XD/ HTML & CSS), documentation and high level mock-ups as well presenting and explaining designs to directors, managers and other colleagues. Working closely with project leads, other designers, developers and QA to validate what is possible as well as iterate designs and produce acceptance criteria and features through to implementation.

Onboarding user journey
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